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    Breaking Growth Barriers Part 2

    Fred presents a clear presentation of how to overcome many of the natural barriers to church growth.

    Length: 20 minutes

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    Navigating through Church Conflict Part 1

    Leading your church to change… one of the greatest challenges of ministry. Bill Elliff heads part three of this five part series on leading change in the established church.

    Length: 48 minutes

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    Twisting Students Into Becoming Disiples

    The meaning of discipleship and how to apply it.

    Length: 14 minutes

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    The On Ramp for Church Revitalization

    As a lay person, you have more to do with the church in its present state than you often take credit for. Whether the congregation which you belong is thriving or declining, it is ultimately up to you and your fellow lay members. Pastors are called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and they can teach, inspire, train, lead, and inspire! But when the rubber meets the road, your church's health is a function of how you and your fellow members relate to one another, to the community in which the church is located, and to how they respond to God's leading within their lives. This main session will look at the initial entry points or on ramps for beginning church revitalization in the church.

    Presented at the 2013 NoBA Summit in Ft. Worth, TX on January 8th.

    Length: 50 minutes

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    Basic Training Session 2 Prayer

    Session 2 in Basic Training for Church Planters is on "Prayer". This session leads you to understand the priority of prayer in planting a new church. Don't neglect the greatest resource a church planter has - PRAYER!

    Length: 17 minutes

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    Basic Training Session 1 Overview

    Gary Odom presents an Introduction into Basic Training for Church Planters. This first session gives a description of God's Kingdom, God's Church, and God's Planter.

    Length: 17 minutes

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    Acts 1:8 Challenge Part 4 -Judea

    Nate Adams continues an overview of how to use a multi-week teaching series to lead your church to understand the Acts 1:8 missions paradigm. This session focuses on the "Judea" mission field of state or regional missions.

    Length: 39 minutes

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    Simple Napkin Evangelism

    Alan Braun presents a clear simple but effective way of presenting the gospel.

    Length: 40 minutes

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    Breaking the 35-50 Attendance Barrier

    Breaking the 35-50 Attendance Barrier - Church Growth for Church Plants

    The session overviews the characteristics of the 35-50 church and outlines steps necessary to move beyond. This barrier specifically applies to ethnic churches.

    Length: 58 minutes

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