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    A Childs Spiritual Journey - Part 02

    Most people become Christ-followers between the ages of 7-12. Childhood is the most influential time in our lives. We are all the products of our childhood. Childhood shapes our faith, values, and who we are. During childhood we memorize more information (math tables, grammar, spelling, scripture verses, etc.) and develop more habits than any other time in life. That is why Children's Ministry is more important than ever.

    * An Improved Approach to Child Evangelism
    * Four Stages of a Child's Faith
    * Signs That a Child Is Ready to Follow Christ
    * Signs That a Child Is NOT Ready
    * Children and Baptism
    * The Five Best Times to Reach Un-Churched Families
    * Resources for Training Parents and Volunteers

    Length: 59 minutes

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    Creative Worship - Introduction (Part 1 of 4)

    In this session of a 4 part series on Creative Worship we will discuss the biblical support for having a creative worship service and reasons why churches should realize the importance of art in touching the soul and engaging our culture.

    Length: 64 minutes

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  • 1002

    Media on a Shoe String Budget

    This session goes over ways to use great software programs that are cheap (and sometimes FREE) to create graphics, slideshows, videos and presentations.

    Length: 60 minutes

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    Sunday School and Small Group Leadership

    David Francis explains how every church must have an intentional process for making disciples, and outlines important steps needed to accomplish this.

    Length: 54 minutes

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    Strengthening Deacon Ministry in the 21st Century Part 1

    Overviews what's working and what are the challenges being faced in deacon ministry; clarifying expectations of deacon ministry between deacon, pastor/staff, and congregation.

    Length: 42 minutes

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  • 332


    An introduction to the theory of "Intelligent Design" (ID) A look at the ID response against evolutionary theory. Introducing outstanding scientists who teach ID. A look at key aspects of ID including "irreducible complexity" and "fine tuning of the cosmos". Our Faith in the CREATOR.

    Length: 57 minutes

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  • 1814

    Drop In Mission Education (DIME)

    Drop In Mission Education resources are innovative options, simple, and flexible for any church size or structure. This training introduces pastors, mission leaders, youth and children's leadership to free and inexpensive resources to add missions learning to every church function.

    Length: 16 minutes

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  • 2066

    Children’s Ministry: First things First - Part 02

    Are YOU the LEADER you need to be for your ministry?
    ¤ Is your ministry BUSY, HECTIC, or HEALTHY and EFFECTIVE?
    ¤ Having trouble getting VOLUNTEERS?
    ¤ Finding it difficult to lead your church to CHANGE?
    ¤ Wondering if your ministry is headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION?
    ¤ Wishing you could spend time with one of America's LEADERS in children's ministry?

    Whether your ministry needs a minor tweak or a major over-haul, whether you are a veteran or just starting out, First Things First is for you.

    Length: 62 minutes

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    Aging Singles Want to be the Church Too

    Tim Cleary discusses how to minister to and include aging single adults in the Church.

    Length: 30 minutes

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