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    Basic Training Session 8 Relationships

    This session from Basic Training for Church Planters is about Building Relationships in the Church. This unit is the first of six units that will explore critical qualities of a healthy church. Although this is not a specific ministry or program, relationships speak to the connection of persons within church life.

    Length: 17 minutes

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    Breaking the 35-50 Attendance Barrier

    Breaking the 35-50 Attendance Barrier - Church Growth for Church Plants

    The session overviews the characteristics of the 35-50 church and outlines steps necessary to move beyond. This barrier specifically applies to ethnic churches.

    Length: 58 minutes

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    Strengthening Deacon Ministry in the 21st Century Part 2

    Part 2 of the Strengthening Deacon Ministry series overviews what's working and what are the challenges being faced in deacon ministry; clarifying expectations of deacon ministry between deacon, pastor/staff, and congregation.

    Length: 53 minutes

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    Holistic Christian Community Development

    Poverty and community break down are systemic evidences of more basic issues.Because the foundation of society is the family, and the family is broken, this has given rise to continued poverty in our society. The answers lie with the righteous.

    Length: 62 minutes

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    Acts 1:8 Challenge Part 1 - Overview and Biblical Basis

    Nate Adams explains how to use a multi-week teaching series to lead your church to understand the Acts 1:8 missions paradigm, beginning with an overview of the biblical basis missions

    Length: 40 minutes

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    Growing an Incredible Children's Ministry Part Two

    Paul Jones continues his discussion of how children learn and what it takes to create an incredible children's ministry.

    Length: 27 minutes

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    When God's Priorities Become Our Priorities

    Dr. Rainer, speaking for the New Mexico Baptist State-wide Evangelism Conference, presents the essentials to evangelistic renewal.

    Length: 24 minutes

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    Revitalizing the Local Church

    Seven keys to revitalizing the local church.

    Length: 54 minutes

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    Christian Theology 3 - Trinity

    Our goal for the eight hours of study is to identify the major beliefs embraced by Christians and learn why they are important. In session two, Dr. Cobb deals with belief in Trinity and humanity.

    Length: 56 minutes

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